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DesignSociety has been the Agency of Record for Bluesound since the brand's inception in 2010. In fact, we even gave the brand its name. We initially led a deeply strategic exercise with chief stakeholders and identified the key attributes that were to make this new company rise above the market clutter and carve a path to success. Defining brand attributes is not initially an aesthetic experience, but instead takes all facets of brand adoption into account - covering the many magic and logic dimensions of a complex internal and external ecosystem that ultimately lead to brand authenticity, and in turn brand loyalty.

For Bluesound, their single most important goal is to bring the high fidelity listening experience into the minds, ears and homes of music lovers. By investigating the landscape, we rapidly realized that our offer was something much of the last few generations had never even truly experienced before. So we had to show them what they were missing, and create the desire to hear it.

Launch Manifesto

The Revolution.

There is a new revolution in sound. A movement toward intuition and wireless freedom. An urge to unplug, and to listen. To hear. To be inspired.

White Noise.

It is time to slice through the white noise. To cut the cord of over-zealous computer companies, and experience the real inspiration of your music. It is time for a new kind of audio company.

Out of the Black.

Now, out of the black comes a new vision for sound. We are Bluesound. A new alliance of audiophiles. Driven by deep passion and a long heritage in hi-fi innovation, we will revolutionize the way you hear your music, and re-inspire an entire wireless generation.

Living HiFi Platform

By developing a strategic platform entitled "Living HiFi", we positioned the brand values in a marketing ecosystem that established an underlying philosophy that all actions could be measured against. This platform captures the attention of modern status seekers and true music lovers by connecting the digital ecosystems that exist around them, and also goes beyond music - specifically social media citizens - and proposes an experience that matches their appetite for best-of-breed tech.

Over the course of the past 7 years, DesignSociety has been responsible for all leading brand Strategic, Creative, Design, Film, Photography, Print, Digital, Web, Advertising Campaigns and Social Media efforts. We also act as brand stewards for internal marketing initiatives.

'Touched By Sound' Soundbar Launch Campaign

In 2016, Bluesound introduced a new product into it's lineup : A high performance soundbar. The product launch campaign for the new, premium Hi-Res PULSE SOUNDBAR was conceived around the brand promise of delivering and experience beyond sound alone — tapping into the emotional power of film. It is made up of 60 and 15-second advertising films, print ads and an arsenal of digital ads on social media and across the web. The campaign was deployed simultaneously in North America, the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Australia.



The Bluesound custom wordmark and "B" icon, a stylized infinity symbol with stereophonic symmetry.

Touched by Sound films (60s + 15s Teaser)

'A Sound In The Making' - a Makers Platform

A social media content platform and influencer strategy films for US, UK and Canadian markets, deployed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Medium, intended to drive up brand awareness and generate engagement.

Product literature, featuring "Bluesound is the sound of..." campaign.